TitleAuthorResearch questionReview statusEditionContentDate
Dispassionate Judges Encountering Hotheaded AristoteliansRappLaw and EmotionreviewedEdition 2Full article2016-09-02
Judicial Emotion as Vice or VirtueMaroneyLaw and EmotionreviewedEdition 2Full article2016-08-22
Jumping Judgesvan ManenIntuitionreviewedEdition 2Full article2015-07-07
Case based reasoning and formulary procedureGardiniLaw and EmotionreviewedEdition 2Full article2015-05-11
Trembling Necessity and AnalogyPenteadoLaw and Emotionnot applicableEdition 2Full article2015-01-05
Law and ContextHusaOpen System of LawreviewedEdition 2Full article2014-09-02
From a legal order to a legal system HalpérinOpen System of LawreviewedEdition 2Full article2014-06-27

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