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Aim of the Project – Who is invited to participate?

Participation of students. The General Method of Private Law (the first chapter of Algemeen Deel, 1931) is written as a general survey of the fundamental aspects of law. This means that all the basic questions about the nature of law – which are standard for introductory courses in law – are treated by Paul Scholten. This makes the translation of it a perfect occasion for the active participation of research oriented students who can compare the treatment of these questions by Paul Scholten with the way they are treated nowadays. The registers pose many research questions which could be the subject of essays or theses by students. The active participation of students from different countries on the web may not only prove important for the development of European cohesion but also for a re-integration of theory and practice in legal theory.
Participation of scholars and practitioners. The project not only tries to realize an active collaboration of the different disciplines of legal history, legal philosophy, legal theory, legal anthropology and legal sociology, but also to get legal practitioners involved. Although there is no theology involved in the General Method of Private Law, theology will also be an important ingredient to explain the theoretical position of Paul Scholten and the general background of his life and work.

What kind of participation is invited?

Author of comments by using the “Comment function”, which is operative on many pages of the site. Comment will be peerreviewed.
Submission of a contribution of max. 500 words for the Theory chapter in the book by sending an email to contact.
Submission of an article in response to a research question by using the “Submit function”; example below.
Formulation of your own research question by sending an email to contact.
Respond to Calls by sending an email to contact.
Take the initiatives to translate a chapter of the Collected Papers and send it to contact.
Correct the Word file of a Collected Paper and send it to contact.

How to proceed to leave a comment or submit an article?

To be able to leave a comment or submit an article, you have to register and to log in first. (Registration is needed to prevent misuse of the site.)

When you choose to submit an abstract now and want to postpone (max. six months) the upload of an article, please indicate so in the heading of your abstract.

Example of how to leave a comment on a paragraph.

Example of how to leave a comment on a paragraph.

After you have registered and have logged in you can comment on a paragraph, for example the Dutch – English translation. Please click on the relevant paragraph. A text editor will be presented on the right (only if you are already logged on). You can now proceed to make your comment. Once done, press submit.

Article CategoryTo submit an article, after you have registered and have logged on, you can submit your article here.

Please make sure you choose the right research question; the one which the article refers to. This can be chosen in the ‘name research question’ section. See picture.

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