The Translation Committee (TC) has made a record of the specific translation difficulties it encountered. It will insert all these problems in the form of comments on the translation pages. Up till now only the first nine sections are ready. In the comments on these sections the following concepts are nominated for insertion in the Thesaurus, either because they are is deemed  theoretical terms or because they refer to an institute which needs explanation. The number indicates the paragraph number, where you will find the considerations of TC.

Aanvulling, Aanvullend recht (Supplement, Supplementory law) (12)

Ambtenarenwet (111)

Beschikken (83)

Burgelijk Recht (civil law) (0,comment on whole post)

Burgemeester (112)

Cassatie (Cassation)(10)

Gemene recht (119)

Goede zeden (Good morals)(16)

Hoge Raad (Supreme Court)(16)

Kracht van gewijsde (47)

Misbruik van recht (26)

Ordenen (34)

Rijksverzekeringsbank (130)

Scheiding van tafel en bed (37)

Sprong (52)

State law (Constitutional law, Public Law)(7)

Verbintenisrecht (law of obligations)(2)

Vermogensrecht (property law, patrimonial law)(69)

Volksrecht (119)

Volle eigendom (64)

Vruchtgebruik (61)

Waarderen (34)

Wetshistorisch (143)

Wordingsgeschiedenis (17)

Zakelijk recht (versus persoonlijke recht) (61)

Zakenrecht (law of property) (2)


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