Proceedings of the Digital Paul Scholten Project
Editor: Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer
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About this Journal

DPSP Annual is a yearly journal publication related to discussions following the work of legal philosopher Paul Scholten.

DPSP Annual is an e-Journal only. It publishes articles which discuss Scholten’s work in an international context. These include the edited contributions of regularly organized Symposia, which may involve guest editors. Publications relate to Research Questions as have been formulated. Next, adapted reissues and new translations of Scholten’s work are published.
Papers, new Research Questions and Symposium proposals can be submitted in consultation with the Editor. All publications are open access and have an open review process, published with the article. Publications are free of charge.


About the Digital Paul Scholten Project
The Digital Paul Scholten Project (DPSP) is a Digitization, Translation and Publication project. It is dedicated to the legacy of legal scholar Paul Scholten, who lectured at the University of Amsterdam from 1906 until 1945. His work was of central importance for the development of Dutch legal philosophy in the 20th century. His influential perspective on legal methodology aligns with the historical roots of pragmatic Dutch legal culture and is of increasing relevance today, also beyond the Netherlands.
The DPSP research compares Scholten’s writings with other legal philosophical texts across time, countries, and disciplines. An International Paul Scholten Symposium, with a specific theme, is organized regularly. Paper version books will be published on specific themes, bringing together the related Website and e-Journal contributions.


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