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The following articles, originally written in French by Paul Scholten, are included in the collected papers and can be viewed and printed directly below, but can also be found as image-files by downloading the respective volumes, see under Dutch. As the files below are made by optical letter recognition, there will be mistakes in the files. Please view the image files for the correct text.

(1929) Jean Yver, Les contrats dans le très ancien droit Nor­mand (Volume III. pp. 190-195, word 65Pdf 65). Boekbespreking  in Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis IX afl. 3/4.
(1930) Convenances-vainquent-loi (Volume III. pp. 196-212, word 66Pdf 66). Mededeelingen der Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen, Afdeeling Letterkunde. Deel 70. Serie B, no. 7.
(1933) L’interprétation de la loi et la justice (Volume I. pp. 318 – 329, word 9Pdf 9). Lecture for the faculty of law of the University of Paris, sponsored by the  Institut de Droit comparé on 18 Mei 1933.
(1934) L’autorité de l’état ( Volume II. pp.149 – 161, word 34Pdf 34). Archives de Philosophie du droit et de Sociologique juridique, Recueil Sirey, 1934, cahier nos. 3-4 p.141.

Translation in French of the first chapter of the Algemeen Deel: the General Method of Private Law.

DPSP acquired the permission of the family of the translator to publish the French translation of the first chapter of the Algemeen Deel under the license CCbySA.

The text can be viewed and downloaded as Images-file through an external link to the University Library.

The text is also downloadable as text- file, saved as PDF  (with mistakes by automatic reading)
(1954) Traité de Droit Civil Néerlandais, Partie Générale,  par Paul Scholten, professeur à l’Úniversité d’Amsterdam, traduit par B.E. Wielenga, docteur en Droit de l’Université de Toulouse, N.V. W.E. J. Tjeenk Willink, editeurs Hollande, S.A.R. Pichon et R. Durand-Auzias, editeurs Paris, 1954. 

The text is finally downloadable as text-file, saved as PDF, divided in numbered paragraphs, to make the comparison with the Dutch text and English text easy. This text lacks the preface by Georges Ripert. To distinguish this publication from the earlier one and make it directly comparable with the new publications in English and Dutch, it was given a new title: Méthode Générale du Droit Privé, traduit par B.E. Wielenga. Chapitre 1 de la Partie I (Partie Générale) du Mr. C. Asser’s Traité de Droit Civil Néerlandais. This text is exactly the same (automatically) as the text in the side-by-side display on the site in translations. You can use the comment-function on the translation pages to give comments on the French translation.

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