Permission to open access has been acquired from the author B. Arief Sidharta of the Indonesian translation of one of the Collected Papers: I.15. (1942)   De Structuur der Rechtswetenschap (432 – 470). Mededeeling voor de Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen, uitgesproken in de vergadering der Afdeling Letterkunde van 17 Maart 1942.
To view, download and print the PDF of this translation click below.
Paul Scholten, Judul Struktur Ilmu Hukum, Diterjemahkan oleh B. Arief Sidharta, Bandung.  2002,

There is also an Indonesian translation (second edition 1934) of the General Method of Private Law existent with the exception of the registers. Mr. C. Asser, Penuntun dalam Mempelajari Hukum Perdata Belanda, Bagian Umum, Paul Scholten, Penerjemah Siti Soemarti Hartono, S.H., Penyunting: Prof. Dr. Sudikno Mertokusumo, S.H., Fakultas Hukum Universitas Gadjah Mada, UGM Gadjah Mada University Press, 1992.
On 24 april 2012 we received an email from GMUpress in answer to our request for permission to republish this text in open access on our site. The book was out of print and the files were missing. The publisher wrote to be not interested in a new edition as the marketing of the book had proven to be quite difficult.
We have tried to come into contact with the translator Siti Soemarti Hartono, S.H, to ask her permission for a new edition in open access, but this has had no result. As we could not think of a reason why the translator would not be glad when her work would be used, we decided to proceed and post the text online.

For the PDF image-file of Mr. C. Asser, Penuntun dalam Mempelajari Hukum Perdata Belanda, Bagian Umum click here

For the PDF uncorrected text- file with many mistakes by automatic reading of Mr. C. Asser, Penuntun dalam Mempelajari Hukum Perdata Belanda, Bagian Umum click:  Indonesian General Method complete uncorrected

The text is now also divided in paragraphs and side-by-side displayed as Indonesian-English and Indonesian-Dutch. See in translations. See for the standalone text in Preprints

Finally there is a translation of the third chapter of the General Part (second edition, 1934), without registers and without a translation of the footnotes. Sejarah Dan Perkembangan Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Perdata (Burgerlijk Wetboek), oleh Mr. P. Scholten, Diterjemahkan oleh Mr. Koerdi Soemintapoera, Pernerbit Armico Bandung 1985.
We have not yet been able to contact the publisher or translator. Given the fact of the other translation there is not much reason to post the text online.

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