Research Project and Book Project in one

The Digital Paul Scholten Project is a research project that will end in 2020 with the publication of the annotated English translation of Paul Scholten’s General Method of Private Law (first chapter of Algemeen Deel, 1931) as a book.  All materials which in 2020 will be contained in the book will emerge on the Paul Scholten website, first as prepublication, then – when finalised – as publication. The implemented software makes it possible that the history of a (pre)publication (earlier editions, reviews, comments) stays available and is connected to the final text, posted as booksection in the websection Publications, forthcoming as Book in 2020.


The websection Prepublications shows the book in progress.  The reader will be able in this section to follow the publication status of the different contributions. The different types of prepublications which are discerned correspond to the different categories that can be found in the websection Publications, but they are ordered in a different way.  While in the websection Publications the order is determined from the perspective of the orderly content of a book, the order in the websection Prepublication is informed by requirements of scientific evaluation or control and the indication of the progress in the publication process

The main distinctions based on requirements of scientific evaluation or control  are:

1.Articles – open peer review – scientific
2.Editor Pages  - open to comments – academic
3.Comments – open to peer review – scientific
4.Republications – open to corrections and comments

The main distinctions to indicate the progress of materials are:

Edition.  Five different types of edition: 5.abstract only; 6. concept; 7.editions 1, 8. edition 2, 9. edition 3. 

Status. Twelve different types of status: 10. none, 11. awaiting edit, 12. awaiting review, 13. reviewed, awaiting comment of author,  14. revision in progress, 15. new edition, awaiting comments of reviewers,  16. awaiting corrections, 17. corrrection in progress, 18. corrected, awaiting new corrections, 19. open to comments, 20. comments in progress, 21. discussion closed, awaiting new edition;



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