General Method of Private Law

by Paul Scholten

Chapter 1 of his Algemeen Deel

Translated by Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer, Marjanne Termorshuizen en Cassandra Steer;

Introduction by Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer

Publication of the General Method of Private Law is realized by the Digital Paul Scholten Project and comprises reprints of Paul Scholten’s collective works, reprints of other translations and publication of contributions to the Paul Scholten Symposia.
See for a full overview the Table of Contents of Paul Scholten Annotations.
All texts in Paul Scholten Annotations are published in Open Access under de licence CC-by-SA.

Paul Scholten Annotations


Table of Contents

1. General Method of Private Law, including an introduction
2. Reprint of Paul Scholten’s Collected Works, edited by Scholten, Paul; Scholten, G.J.; Scholten, Y.; Bregstein, M.H. (in Dutch): Deel 1, Deel 2, Deel 3, Deel 4
3. Reprint of the French translation of the Algemeen Deel (Partie Générale) by B.E. Wielenga
4. Reprint of the Indonesian translation of the Algemeen Deel (Bagian Umum) by Siti Soemarti Hartono, S.H.
5. Reprint of an Indonesian translation of Paul Scholten’s ‘Structuur der Rechtswetenschap’(Judul Struktur Ilmu Hukum) by B. Arief Sidharta
6. Side by side presentation of translations (Dutch-English), (French-English), (Dutch-Indonesian), (Indonesian-English).
7. Contributions to the Paul Scholten Symposia, which are revised and subjected to an open peer review.
(Type: conference paper/Proceedings title: Paul Scholten Annotations/ Conference Names: First Paul Scholten Symposium: Paul Scholten from the perspective of Comparative Legal Theory; Second Paul Scholten Symposium: Law and Emotion; Third Paul Scholten Symposium: New Perspectives on Law and Reality)
(Manen, 2014)
(Gardini, 2015)
(Rapp, 2016)
(Maroney, 2016)
(Husa, 2014)
(Halpérin, 2014)
(Penteado, 2015)


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