Support Financially

Till 2016 the project has been funded by
- the faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam (€ 69.000) for the  technical development of the site and three Paul Scholten Symposia 2013,2014, 2015
- Henri Marcel Bregstein Stichting (€ 3900) for the first and third Paul Scholten Symposium
- KNAW (€ 4ooo) for the third Paul Scholten Symposium

For the future the main costs of the project, next to the organization of the Sympiosia, will concern the publication of the research-results as a book by one of the well known publishing houses. The book will have to be published in open access, because the materials on the website are all contributed under the condition of open access. This means that the costs of the publication will have to be fully paid by the project.

Based on the recommendation of the faculty of Law the “Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds” has made it possible to contribute to the Digital Paul Scholten Project. Click for further information in Dutch here and in English here

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