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Translation Method

As a preparation for the decision how to proceed with the job of making a translation, the board of the Paul Scholten project studied the report, made by the Center for International Legal Cooperation (Cilc) about the translation of Dutch Laws in English. (English Summary Cilc)
One of the main recommendations of the report was to realize a cooperation between experts, a translator and a native speaker.
From the beginning on the plan was accepted to organize the input of experts by putting a first draft of the translation on a website and invite a broad public to annotate this draft with the help of a blog.
At first the board tried to find a professional translator and a native speaker, but this was stopped when it became clear that there was no budget for this. Then it was decided that the translation would be made by volunteers from the board, while a PHD student of the law faculty  Cassandra Steer – offered help as native speaker. Read more

Translation decisions

See for the decisions taken by the Translation Committee during the process of translating translation decisions. Meanwhile the comparative method is being further elaborated in the author instruction ’new way’.

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